alessandro galati アレッサンドロ・ガラティ



“This album may be a masterpiece that is too early to be released”.

In 2021, Yasukuni Terashima, who was informed of the existence of “SKYNESS”, heard the sound and thought. What a wonderful sound. If you’re a Terashima label that cares about sound, you can’t miss this. Alessandro Galati is an artist who has a close relationship with Terashima Records, and Mr. Terashima is very fond of his “Keeping the Faith on Melody”, a melody supreme principle. This work was recorded in 2017 at Rainbow Studios with Jan Erik Kongshaug as an engineer. Mixed and mastering has been made by Stefano Amerio, who emphasized the beautiful melody of Galati in “Shades of Sounds” released by Terashima Records.
This supreme album is a masterpiece released by Sawano Kohboh and Terashima Records in collaboration. I would like many people to listen to the illusory works of Yoshiaki Sawano and Yasukuni Terashima, who have been leading Japanese jazz labels for a long time, admiring their sound quality and melody.(Google translate).

01. Rob as Pier
02. Silky Sin
03. In my Boots
04. Balle Molle
05. Flight Scene #1
06. Raw Food
07. Flight Scene #2
08. Entropy
09. Jealous Guy
10. Skyness

All music composed by Alessandro Galati except #09 by John Lennon.
Recorded at Rainbow Studio, Oslo (NOR), 2017.
Engineer: Jan Erik Kongshaug.
Mix & Mastering: Stefano Amerio.
Produced by Atelier Sawano, licensed by Terashima Records.

Skyness was awarded as BEST CD OF THE YEAR by Japan Jazz Audio Disk Award 2021

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alessandro galati アレッサンドロ・ガラティ