alessandro galati アレッサンドロ・ガラティ


The innovative read & write ® grand piano music rest is conceived for all those who need to read and write music comfortably sitting at their own piano: pianists, composers, arrangers, teachers, students.
The piano music rest maintains its usual utility giving a strong support for reading all kinds of music sheets and books plus offers a really useful brand new function.
With a simple two seconds movement it suddenly becomes a large and strong writing desk that every musician can easily use. It is constructed with evaporated beech -- wood and finished with a polyester lacquer to guarantee a perfect duration in the time.
The read & write ® piano music rest is also designed to easily fit in every grand or baby grand piano independently from measures and brands: whether you own a Steinway, a Yamaha, a Kawai, a Bosendorfer or any other well known make of grand piano it just fits perfectly! The rigorous design of the read & write® stand is both innovative and classical and it beautifully harmonizes with the piano adding a new exceptional functionality.
Patent pending project by Alessandro Galati.
alessandro galati アレッサンドロ・ガラティ