alessandro galati アレッサンドロ・ガラティ



HEGEL VOL.1 - A. Galati, S. Graziano, A. Lanzoni - piano.
1. Impro #1 (Lanzoni)
2. July (Graziano)
3. You Don’t Know What Love Is (De Paul-Galati) 
4. Impro #2 (Graziano)
5. Balle Molle (Galati)
6. Like Someone In Love (Van Heusen-Lanzoni) 
7. Impro #3 (Galati)
8. Gondry (Lanzoni)
9. When the Party's Over (O'Connell-Graziano)
"The bud disappears when the blossom breaks through, and we might say that the former is refuted by the latter; in the same way when the fruit comes, the blossom may be explained to be a false form of the plant’s existence, for the fruit appears as its true nature in place of the blossom". (G.W.F. Hegel).
This musical project that takes its name on loan from the great German philosopher comes with a quote from the Phenomenology of the Spirit to bring three excellences of the European jazz piano to a virtual stage.
A. Galati, Alessandro Lanzoni and Simone Graziano will alternate on the piano playing three songs each, for a total of nine songs linked to each other like the bud, the flower and the fruit.
Recorded and mastered by A. Galati in Firenze @StudioPoco, May 2020.
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alessandro galati アレッサンドロ・ガラティ