alessandro galati アレッサンドロ・ガラティ



Carlotta Forasassi - 2 hands on piano
Elettra Capecchi - same piano, other 2 hands
C. Debussy:
01.Petite Suite, en bateau  
02.Petite Suite, Cortège  
03.Petite Suite, Menuet     
04.Petite Suite, Ballet  
M. Ravel:
05.Ma mere l'oye, Pavane de la Belle au bois dorman         
06.Ma mere l'oye, Petit poucet                           
07.Ma mere l'oye, Laideronnette, impératrice des pagodes    
08.Ma mere l'oye, Les Entretiens de la Belle et la Bête  
09.Ma mere l'oye, Le Jardin féerique 
G. Gershwin:                  
10.Rhapsody In Blue                                      
Carlotta and Elettra play together on the same piano a selected choice of last century's most beautiful compositions. This is a house concert live album recorded in Firenze (IT), where you can easily catch the friendly atmosphere of that magic night.
April 11/2014, recorded, mastered and produced by A. Galati.
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alessandro galati アレッサンドロ・ガラティ