alessandro galati アレッサンドロ・ガラティ



01. Taylor Without Scissors
02. Cherokee
03. Seals
04. Unpredible
05. Softly as in a Morning Sunrise
06. The Country Life
07. Alien Blues
08. Lil' Sophia
09. Casi Abstemia
10. So in Love

All music composed by Alessandro Galati except #02. by R. Noble, #05. by S. Romberg - O. Hammerstein II, #10 by C. Porter
Recorded at Artesuono, Udine by Stefano Amerio, 2014.
Produced by Marco Milanesi, published by VVJ.

Seals is the another work by the pianist and composer Alessandro Galati, together with bassist Gabriele Evangelista and drummer Stefano Tamborrino. The variety of experiences and background of the members of the rhythm section, individually involved in major projects (Enrico Rava Tribe, Hobby Horse), contributes to the development of a deeply engaged musical dialogue with the leader. The attention for a simple and elemental melody, a key feature in Alessandro Galati, meets with the desire to diverge from traditional jazz composition and generates a CD with great breadth. The ten tracks alternate original compositions of the leader with personal interpretations of well-known standards. “Taylor Without Scissors” is a delicate and original ballad that opens the CD followed by a distinctive arrangement of “Cherokee” by Ray Noble, developed in odd tempo for the creation of unpredictable and crazy melodic equilibriums. The title-track is a pop song with a sophisticated lightness. Lofty and well-balanced atmospheres can be found in the original tracks “Unpredible,” “The Country Life,” and “Little Sophia.” “Alien Blues” develops a theme that apparently shows strong links with serial music and then meets free atmospheres. The standard “Softly As In A Morning Sunrise” is introduced by a lyric drum solo that evokes exotic vibes steered by the well-conceived piano interpretation. “Casi Abstemia,” again an original, explores the sweet and melodic colors of tango. The beautiful “So In Love” by Cole Porter, the only solo piano track, brings to life the deepest emotions of the listener’s inner soul.

# “Best and gold instrumental Jazz CD” (Jazz Hihyo) JP 2014
# “Top jazz nominee” (Musica Jazz) IT 2014
# “Top 100 best cd of the year” (Jazzit) IT 2014
# “Top 100 best jazz albums of the year” (UK Vibe) UK 2014

alessandro galati アレッサンドロ・ガラティ