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Seals is the latest work of the pianist and composer Alessandro Galati together with bassist Gabriele Evangelista and drums player Stefano Tamborrino. The variety of experiences and background of the members of the rhythm section, individually involved in major projects (Enrico Rava Tribe, Hobby Horse) contribute to the development of a deeply engaged musical dialogue with the leader.
The attention for a simple and elemental melody, a key feature in Alessandro Galati, meets with the desire to diverge from traditional jazz composition and generates a CD with great breadth.


The ten tracks alternate original compositions of the leader with personal interpretations of well-known standards. Taylor Without Scissors is a delicate and original ballad that opens the CD followed by a distinctive arrangement of Cherokee by Ray Noble, developed in odd tempo for the creation of unpredictable and crazy melodic equilibriums. The title track Seals is a pop song with a sophisticated lightness. Lofty and well-balanced atmospheres can be found in the original tracks Unpredible, The Country Life, and Little Sophia. Alien Blues develops a theme that apparently shows strong links with serial music and then meets free atmospheres. The standard Softly As In A Morning Sunrise is introduced by a lyric drums solo that takes us to exotic vibes that are steered by the well-conceived piano interpretation. Casi Abstemia, again an original, explores the sweet and melodic colors of tango. The beautiful So In Love by Cole Porter, the only track as piano solo, brings to life the deepest emotions that belong to our inner soul. (M. Milanesi)

Seals - Alessandro Galati Trio Seals - Alessandro Galati Trio