alessandro galati アレッサンドロ・ガラティ



The famous Italian pianist Alessandro Galati and the emerging Italian jazz vocalist ELLE.
Her first album arises from a collaboration with the trio led by Galati: rich and clear, it leaves room for a barely noticeable transparency.
The musical lines are subtle, the tone of the voice at times is hoarse and cold but rich in nuances and a distinct elegance.
While the piano of Galati gives a persistent and continuous sensation of delicacy, as if it were a caress, his kind support is of extreme importance for the whole performance and supports singer and musicians, transmitting a timeless charm.
There is an intimate and constant relaxation that underlies everything and accentuates the sharpness of the sound as a whole: the soft arrangements and elegant melodies make the piano similar to a thin blade.
Elegance, modesty and genius mixed in a very pleasant approach.
The power of the piano of Galati is well hidden in this context, moving at the same time with agility.
The sound is sustained, guided and supports ELLE with ease, without insisting.
As a singer ELLE is consistent, especially in ballads; her intention, to be considered a temperament, is extremely delicate and lovable and combined with extreme freshness makes her a superb interpreter as a whole: the light, fine-grained phrasing is expressed in a flute, soft, slow and romantic sweetness that, despite this, seems to carefully “bite” every word and where required has a definitely more “swingy” taste, her technique is solid but never too conscious, with hints of infinite naturalness.
The style of the cantato finds its roots in opera singing: it is calm, like a fluted whisper, it is best expressed in the ballads and in the bossanova.
Voice output reminds the one belonging to those who speak gently in a natural way, but in the context of texts and melodies.
In an almost dreamlike, mysterious, silent landscape, the apparent void arises from a precise stylistic choice; simplicity acts as a fil rouge to the entire narrative which is therefore fascinating and impenetrable, and seems to want to lead the listener to a hidden and intimate place, where to disappear.


Recorded in Firenze, Sept. 2018
Engineer: A. Galati
Produced by Alessandro Galati

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alessandro galati アレッサンドロ・ガラティ