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Pianist and composer Galati is a unique and independent voice in the great tradition of the European jazz scene. available upon requests for live shows worldwide with his own bands, local musicians and as a solo piano recital with a blend of special programs.


Gabriele Evangelista [d. bass], Stefano Tamborrino [drums]

1) THE ALESSANDRO GALATI SOLO / TRIO. A blend of originals composed by Galati taken out of his solo and piano trio recordings + standards and other songs with some special arrangements.
Listen to Mary Prayer
2) GALATI PLAYS GERSHWIN [solo piano]. Based on the successful cd “g plays G” a work of art bringing new life to some of the most beautiful tunes by George Gershwin.
Listen to Summertime
3) SONGS AROUND THE WORLD. Jazz arrangements by Galati to songs that come from many places around the world. Brazil, Japan, Israel, France, Italy and many more.
Listen to Coracao Vagabundo
4) THE EVANS/MONK CONNECTION. Special program dedicated to a new way of looking at the music of 2 of the world’s most unique voices of jazz piano playing and composing. Galati plays tunes composed or played by Monk and Evans and finds the meeting points between the 2 as he can see it.
Listen to Blue Monk
5) STILL IN A SONG [trio only]. Based on the upcoming Galati cd, a first time album dedicated to the art of well-known standards as never played before.
Listen to Alone Together
6) OSLO TRIO. A new formed trio with 2 ECM recording musicians Mats Eilertsen [double bass] and Paolo Vinaccia [drums] – program based mostly on new original composition by Galati written for this trio.
Listen to Balle Molle


7) ROUND LACY AND MONK. Duet with Roberto Ottaviano (Soprano Sax). Special arrangements by 2 creative musicians to some of the best works by 2 masters of jazz sax hero Steve Lacy and piano giant Thelonious Monk
8) 2 PIANOS DUET WITH ANAT FORT. A special program of originals by the 2 piano players and some special 2 piano takes on well-known songs.
9) ALESSANDRO GALATI SEXTET. The Kenny Wheeler project. Based on the unique recording “Wheeler Variations” plus some of the most beautiful compositions by the late trumpet master, a special program with original musical ideas.
Listen to Wheel
10) THE ANDY SHEPPARD / ALESSANDRO GALATI QUARTET. A most exciting cooperation between Galati and the British saxophone master mostly known from his prestigious work with ECM records. The quartet performs original and creative music by the band members.
Listen to Crazy Winter In Town

ALESSANDRO GALATI is open to consider musical ideas as a guest star in a local group or hosting local jazz artists with him or his trio upon requests. Alessandro is also available for masterclasses within the frame of jazz festivals and during country tours.